Medical Checkup Results (for faculty)

Notice of Medical Check-up Results (for faculty)

■When the results will be available
Your results will become available online one to two month after the date of check-up.

*The timing will depend on the content of the examination.

The results of medical check-up done by October 19, 2017 are disclosed.

■How to access the results
The results will be available through the “人事情報MyWeb”.

The latest and past results can be accessed and printed (PDF format) from the website, and may be downloaded for storage or submission.
*Results from past medical checkups are not available as a PDF and can only be printed directly from the web page.

Medical Check-up result for faculty(人事情報MyWeb)
*The results are available on the “人事情報MyWeb” which is only accessible through the university network (UTNET).Please contact the relevant person of you department for your ID and password.
*Those who received a health examination but are not directly employed by the University of Tokyo and cannot access the 人事情報MyWeb, please come to the health center for your results.

■How to interpret the results
Please refer to the “Relevant resources related to medical check-ups” if there are any part which you are unsure of, or your results report a problem.

Improve your health by using the above information along with your results.
For a list of standard values of different points of the health check, click here.

■Important notice from occupational physicians

Please make sure to check an official opinion of assessment of fitness for work based on your health check-up.
Details are as “Measures to assess fitness for work” on page “Relevant resources related to medical check-ups

■After checking your results
If an abnormal value was reported in your result, please seek consultation with a doctor.

Please inform the health center the result of the consultation, using the below response form so that we may be aware of the state of your health.
Download the following to apply for health guidance, notice on medical consultation, and post-consultation response form.
*Different forms are used depending on where you work. 


Where you work

Response form

Hongo: Hongo Campus, Yayoi Campus, Asano Campus
*excluding the University of Tokyo Hospital


Komaba: Komaba campus I・II

Kashiwa: Kashiwa I・II・III

Institute of Medical Science


The University of Tokyo Hospital


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