Medical Certificates / Certificates of check-up results(For Students)


  • ・You can apply for a certificate of check-up results/medical certificate based on the Regular Health Check-up, etc., conducted by the University of Tokyo until the last business day in April of the following academic year.(e.g. if you took the 2021 academic year Regular Medical Check-up, you can apply for a certificate until the last business day in April 2022.)
  • The certificate of check-up results/medical certificate can be issued approximately 3 weeks after the health check-up.
  • *If there are long holidays at the health service center, it may take some time to process the health check-up results. Therefore, please note that it may take more than 3 weeks to notify the health checkup result and issue a certificate of check-up results/medical certificate.
  • *Documents certifying the results of our regular medical check-ups are issued under the name of “Certificate of Check-up Results”.
  • *The “Medical Certificate” is created when there is a shortage of the contents of the regular medical examination items of the University (examination date / examination items) or when there is a form specified for submission.
  • ・If you did not undergo the Student Regular Medical Check-up, certificates of check-up results or medical certificates cannot be issued
  • ・Because creating the health certificate takes time, please make sure to make the request well in advance of your needs.
  • ・There is a fee for issuing medical certificates.
  • ・If you need a certificate issued in English, please visit the reception desk at the travel clinic. →Travel clinic




Reception hours

      • 10:00am~12:20pm , 2:00pm~3:45pm (Medical Certificate
      • 9:00am~4:30pm(Certificate of Check-up Results)
      • *The method for receiving may change during the health check-up periods.

Issuing procedure


I have taken this year's regular medical check-ups


  • A medical certificate / certificate of check-up results cannot be issued.
    Please consult an outside clinic.

  • *Tokyo Metropolitan Health & Medical Information Center "HIMAWARI" is here


I need the certificate issued in English


  • 1.Travel Clinic

  • Application reception:Internal Medicine (Travel Clinic:appointment is required)

  • Reception hours:9:00am-4:30pm *First time application only →Click here for details


  • *When applying, it may take time to check the contents.
  • *Depending on the inspection, it may not be issued on the day of application.
  • *Each inspection / issuance is available only during the internal medicine reception hours.
  • *If you need to record your vaccination history, be sure to bring a vaccination history document, such as a mother and child handbook.
  • *If blood tests are required, do not eat or drink for 10 hours before testing. Non-calorie beverages are fine.


I have a specified submission form


  • 2.Medical certificate

  • ・Study abroad, practical training, sport competitions
  • ・Application for scholarship (specific from required)
  • ・Specific examination items, consultation dates etc. are required


  • Application reception:Health Service Section
    Reception hours: 10:00 am - 12:20 pm, 2:00 pm - 3:45 pm (weekdays)
    Fee: JPY 1,000 (+ additional inspection fee)


I require exam items not covered by the Regular Medical Check-ups
(examination items, consultation dates etc.)



  • 3.Certificate of check-up results

  • ・Job hunting (entry/employment)
  • ・Application for scholarship (no specific form)
  • ・Entering dormitory, part-time job, insurance, etc.


  • Application reception:Health Service Section
    Reception hours: 9:00am~4:30pm (weekdays)
    Fee: JPY 100

    ■Items to bring

    • 【Common to all applications】
    •  ●Student ID card (or certificate of enrollment)
    •  ●Fee

    • 【In the case of 1.Travel Clinic or 2.Medical certificate】
    •  ●Documents which explain how to complete the madical certificate
    •  ●Medical Certificate Application
    •  ●Others (e.g. reference materials)


    ■About additional inspections

    • If there are additional inspections, please contact the Health Service Center.