Travel Clinic

The consultation hours may be restricted due to COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding.


  • The clinic offers pre-travel medical consultations to people travelling overseas for work or curriculum-related reasons. The clinic also helps prepare travelers for their journey with the necessary vaccinations and guidance on healthcare issues related to changes in environment. We will handle situations as follows:

Measures against infectious diseases

Dealing with diseases which can be prevented by vaccination

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Tetanus, etc. List of vaccinations we offer is available here.

Dealing with diseases which can be prevented by internal medicines


Dealing with diseases which are carried by creatures

Diseases which need curative medicine before the onset of an illness

Traveler’s diarrhea

Handling health problems caused by changes in living environment

Prevention of accidents or injuries

  • Health certificate or English medical certificate required for traveling
  • (There are exceptions. Medical certificates can only be issued to those who have had their annual medical check-up.)
  • ・The clinic only uses medicines which are approved in Japan. The doctor will judge if you need a vaccination depending on your health condition and the risk of your travel, and you will be charged for it. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request. Some vaccinations require multiple shots spread over a certain period of interval, and a lot of them take time to be fully effective. Please give yourself plenty of time to apply for it.
  • ・Vaccines that are in stock can be given on your first visit.
  • ・Blood tests may be performed if necessary, but it will take about one week to get the results. (It may take longer depending on the items.)
  • ・Please check the schedule here. → Travel Clinic Schedule


The clinic offers consultation to the following:

  • students or staff who belong to the University of Tokyo and are permitted to use the health service center. 
  • *It does not matter which campus you belong to.
  • those planning to travel overseas for work or curriculum related reasons
  • those planning to study abroad with a specific host

We offer our service only for work or curriculum-related reasons, NOT for personal traveling. 

Location / To contact us

We cannot answer medical questions such as types of vaccinations, etc. over the telephone. Please visit the clinic and consult about it.


  • You will be charged according to the List of travel clinic fees.
  • Vaccine reservations must be paid for in advance.
  • Please consult your department’s accountant to determine if the payment is covered as an expense. 
  • → List of travel clinic fees (UTnet only)

Consultation flow

  • 1.Attach the following documents with a password to your e-mail and send it to the health service center you wish to visit. The title of your e-mail should be “Application for Travel Clinic.”
  • ”Travel Clinic Application Form” (Completely filled out) Download application form
  • Mother and Child Handbook and/or official documents to prove vaccination (with doctors’ signatures)
  • Implementation guidelines and/or format of the medical certificate
  • Description of the program or training, etc.


  • 2.A person in charge will reply to your e-mail after checking the submitted documents. The replying e-mail will only be sent on business days of the internal medicine department.
  • We may suggest that you consult other medical institutions in case there is not enough time to the deadline for submitting the documents or day of travel, or when you need an vaccination that we do not handle.


  • 3.Consultation with the doctor on the day and time of your appointment
  • The doctor will schedule the vaccinations if necessary and will set appointments for your next visit.

In some cases, the requested consultation can be completed on the first visit. However, for vaccinations, it may take several months to complete depending on the type of vaccine.

  • ・If you wish to have a medical certificate issued, please ask us about what to bring.
  • ・Please let us know if you need to cancel your appointment.
  • ・For further details, please contact the health service center you wish to visit.


  • E-mail address
  • Hongo Health Service Center:
  • Komaba Health Service Center:
  • Kashiwa Health Service Center:

Please replace the “#” with “@”. 

  • Vaccination

The types of vaccinations: Vaccinations you can get at the Health Service Center.

Whether or not you can get the vaccination depends on the result of your consultation. Please understand that you may not be able to have every vaccination you want. The necessity of vaccination depends on the situation, so please come and consult about it. Please refer to the information from the quarantine station or WHO Useful links before you travel

The reservation system is not flexible, so if it is fully booked, you will not be able to get the shots. If urgent, please consider going to other medical institutions. ⇒ Links“FORTH” “Useful information” “About vaccination” etc.

  • Medical Certificates

Medical certificates can be issued in either Japanese or English. They will be issued to those who have taken the annual medical check-ups.

  • Request for cooperation

Any feedback or information such as health, medical, or safety regarding the countries you travelled to are welcome regardless of use of our travel clinic. This information is very important for us to improve our services, so we appreciate your cooperation.

  • Information on medical institutions used in the travelling country
  • Information on medicines, insect repellents, etc. purchased in the travelling country
  • Information on any illness you may have suffered in your travelling country, and your experiences in dealing with them.

Please send this information by e-mail or campus mail.

Mail address:

(This is an information-only e-mail address. We will check the contents about once a week. We do not accept reservations or health consultations. Thank you for your understanding. Please send an e-mail to the e-mail address written in “Consultation flow” above about the use of the clinic.)

Campus mail address: Hongo Health Service Center Travel Clinic