Medical Checkup report for students

■ When will the results be ready?

  • Students' health checkup reports of three weeks ago or earlier are available through the web.
  • *Please note that notification of medical checkup results for September may be delayed due to long holidays.

■ How can I see the result?

  • <In person>
  • You can pick up your results at any Health Service Center regardless of the site of the checkup. If any abnormal results are reported, make sure that you consult medical professionals including us, so that you receive appropriate followup or treatment.


  • <Online reporting system>
  • With your UTokyo Account , you can check your medical checkup result online.


  • Health Checkup result online.
  • * The explanation links for each inspection item can only be viewed via the campus network. Since it cannot be viewed from off-campus, please contact each district health center if you have any questions.
  • *We are not able to answer any questions such as account application or password recoveries. For information about UTokyo Account.->Click here

■ Standard values

Standard values (It can also be viewed from off-campus networks. UTokyo account verification is required.)adfadf

■ Follow up

If an abnormal value was reported in your result, please seek consultation with a doctor.
Please inform the health center the result of the consultation, using the below response form so that we may be aware of the state of your health.
Notice on medical consultation, and post-consultation response form.->Click here