Check-up Results (for Students)

Health check-up report for students

■ When will the results be ready?

  • The students' health checkup reports become available on the web 3 weeks after the checkup.

  • *However, please note that notification of the results for medical checkups done in September may be delayed.

■ How can I see the result?

  • In person
    You can pick up your results at any Health Service Center regardless of where you had your checkup. If any abnormal results are reported, make sure that you consult medical professionals including us, so that you may receive appropriate follow ups or treatments.


  • <Online reporting system>
    *The result notification site will be renewed from AY2023.

    Health Checkup result
    after 2023


    *You can check your results on the “Medical Checkup Reservation Site”.

    *It is possible to view this from outside the university, but a UTokyo Account authentication is required.


    Health Checkup result
    before 2022

     You can check your medical checkup result online. (UTokyo Account necessary.)

    * The explanation links for each inspection item can only be viewed via the campus network. Contact us if you have any questions.

    * Information about UTokyo Account.



How to interpret the results

  • Please refer to the “Relevant resources related to medical check-ups” if there are any part which you are unsure of, or your results report a problem.

  • *The inspection standards have changed in September 2022. Click here for the screening criteria up to September 2022. (It is possible to view this from outside the university, but a UTokyo Aaccount authentication is required.)

  • Improve your health by using the above information along with your results.

After checking your results