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We carry out chest x-ray examinations during the students and staff health check-ups and various other radiographic examinations upon request from the doctors of the Health Service Centers.

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Chest X-ray examination during the health check-ups for students/staff

Chest x-ray examination is included in the items for health check-ups of students and staff. The following are the merits of having a chest examination using x-ray.

Chest x-ray is an effective examination for discovering infections in the lung.

Taking the annual inspections allow us to compare your old and new chest X-rays for diagnosis.

Tuberculosis (TB) is not an illness of the past, all of us are still at risk of becoming infected.
If we find indication of infectious disease like TB from your X-ray, we will be able to provide appropriate care and treatment to you and the campus community.
Please be assured that you will not be abused because of your illness.

Health certificates are issued by the health service section on request. However, only those who have had the latest routine health check-ups are eligible to receive health certificates. You will not be able to have chest x-rays as part of the health check-up after the end of the health check-up periods.

Our request for you

Depending on the parts of the body to be examined, you will requested to remove or change your clothing. We have some plain-colored T-shirts and shorts which you may borrow, but these are limited in number. Please make sure to bring your own for the health check-ups.

Also please read the steps for chest x-ray examinations given below.

Please keep your valuables with you. Please put only small amount of your valuables in your pockets.

Steps for chest x-ray during the health check-ups.


○ Wear slip-on clothing. Please bring a plain-colored thin T-shirt.

For women, please bring a plain-colored thin T-shirt. Please remove the following items; clothing with buttons, metals, adjusters, plastics, beads, pasties, embroidery, colored-print, bras and bra-top shirt, clothing with lame・lace・gather. Also one-piece dress is not a suitable attire for this inspection. People with long hair are requested to bring elastics or clips for their hair.

○ Please let us know if you are pregnant, or suspect you may be pregnant before your examination.

If you are wearing an insulin pump or blood glucose sensor which cannot be remove at the health check-up venue, please consult with the Hongo Health Service Center in advance.

1) Preparation of dress - Wear white or plain-colored T-shirt. Arrange your hair above your ears.

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Plain-colored T-shirt Arrange your hair above your ears.

Remove the following things:

2) Go to the reception desk before your examination.


After getting ready, please go to the reception desk with your health check-up form.


Stand upright, put your chin on the platform, place your chest against the panel, relax and push your shoulders and elbows forwards.


The radiologist may touch your shoulders, arms, back and hip to adjust your positioning, and ask you to put your wrists on your waist.

You will hear, "Take in a deep breath and hold it. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... OK! You may breathe normally now."
Instructions for breathing will come from the machine when taking the x-ray. Following the anouncement, breathe in deeply with the nose and hold.

The examination is over after the x-ray has been taken.

3) Get dressed and go to the next examination.

Please make sure to take all your belongings with you.

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