Medical services

In this clinic, you can receive the following treatments:

  1. Oral check-up (dental cavity, tartar, wisdom teeth, and/or dental gum disease.)
  2. Instructions on how to use your tooth brush
  3. Professional teeth cleaning (removing tartar and polishing)
  4. Colored tooth plastic filling (only for small cavities)
  5. Temporary treatment of small cavities
  6. Prescriptions (only some medicine such as antibiotics and/or painkillers can be offered)
  7. Metal tooth filling or filling reconstruction
  8. Cavity risk check
  9. Periodontal check

Note: Large dental cavities cannot be treated in this clinic and will need to be done at another hospital.

*All services require payment.

Consultation services

We can hold consultations regarding the following items:

1. Wisdom teeth extraction (needs a referral to The University of Tokyo Hospital.)

2.Other dental problems

3.Orthodontics( Thursday,10:00-12:20,every one month)


Campus Hongo / Komaba
Contact Dentistry, Hongo Health Service Center: ext 22586 or public line 03-5841-2586
Dentistry, Komaba Health Service Center: ext 46169 or public line 03-5454-6169

【Reservation system】
You can make a reservation for the dental clinic at the Hongo Health Center. To use our service, please select a date and time from the notebook. After filling in your information please tear out your slip and deposit it into the Dental Box. For patients who have already visited previously,
please directly go the first floor dental faculty.When it is your first visit, please come 5 minutes before your reservation time.

  • 【Hours】
  • [Hongo]
Mon Ogasawara
Tue Ogasawara
Wed Ogasawara

Kumagai/Kashiwagi( 10:00-12:00)


Fri - -
  • [Komaba]
Mon - Uchida
Tue - -
Wed - -
Thu - -
Fri - Ogasawara
Charges The rule of chagers applies.(UTnet only.)