Health Check-up for Long term Travelers

Applicable members

1. Faculty members planning to go abroad for a period of more than six months.

2. Faculty members returning to Japan having worked abroad for a period of more than six months. (Excluding temporary visit to Japan)

When to have the check-up

The check-up will be conducted on the same day as the health check-ups for newly hired employees or the regular health check-ups.
Please note that it takes about 1-2 months to get the results after your health check-up.
Please have the health check-up so that you can check the results before you are go overseas.
If you have returned to Japan, please have the health check-up  within two months of your return.
Please confirm the date and time of the health check-up  and immediately notify the person in charge of the health check-up  in your department.

Do not apply directly to the Health Service Center.

    Making a reservation and completing the questionnaire

    Reservations made through the website are required.
    For details on how to make a reservation, please refer to the documents that will be distributed at a later date.

    For information on the medical questionnaire and reservations, please see here.

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    *For those who wish to receive assistance with medical examinations

    If you would like to use the results of a health check-up that you took at an external medical institution as a substitute, please complete the medical interview here.


    Health Check-up venue on each campus

    Hongo:Health Check-up floor (Basement) Hongo Health Service Center
    Komaba:21KOMCEE WEST or Komaba Health Service Center
    Kashiwa:Kashiwa Library


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    Please read the precautions enclosed with the health check-up documents carefully before coming to the health check-up.

    Using health check-up results from external medical institutions as a substitute.

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    The reports will be available one to two months after the examination through the University web service.

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      The Health Center Internal Medicine Travel Clinic is also available for general health consultations and vaccinations related to international travel.
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      Hongo Health Service Center