Health Check-up for Long term Travelers

Health Check-up for Long term Travelers

Please apply to the appropriate staff of your department at least three weeks prior to the intended date of the check-up.

  • Applicable members
  1. Faculty members planning to go abroad for a period of more than six months
  2. Faculty members returning to Japan having worked abroad for a period of more than six months (excluding temporary visit to Japan)
  • When to have the check-up

Apply to the appropriate staff in your department at least three weeks before the intended date of check-up.

Please follow the instructions given by the relevant personnel. Do not apply directly to the Health Service Center. As it may take several days for the results to be released, please apply well in advance.

    • Note
    • This will be conducted on the same day as the health check-ups for newly hired employees or the regular health check-ups. Click here for details.

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    • Alternative check-ups
    • Those who are traveling within 6 months or who have returned from abroad in the past 2 months may submit the results of the regular health check-up, the health check-up for newly hired employees, or a check-up by an external medical institution as an alternative to this medical examination.

    If you were examined by an external medical institution, please submit a copy of the results (not the original) to your department personnel.

    • Miscellaneous

    The Health Service Center’s “travel clinic” may also be used to obtain vaccination and general consultation on traveling abroad.

    • Reports

    The reports will be available after one to two months through the University web service.

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      • Inquiries

      If you have any inquires please contact your local health service center

      Hongo Health Service Center      ( Tel.: Ext. 22580    E-mail: hoken-kanri-hongo.adm〔at )

      Komaba Health Service Center   ( Tel.: Ext. 46166    E-mail: hoken-kanri-komaba.adm〔at

      Kashiwa Health Service Center   ( Tel.: Ext. 63040    E-mail: hoken-kanri-kashiwa.adm〔at )

      • Location

      The location of the health check-up will be announced by the health center of each campus.