Regular Health Check-up for staff and faculties

The following faculty and staff members who received check-up cards should take this check-up

■ Target person

    • (1) Health Check-up for Faculty and Staff
    •    1) Full-time as well as full-time, fixed-term project faculty and staff members
    •    2) Fixed-term, part-time employees and fixed-term, part-time project faculty and staff members
    •       1. Part-timer staff whose weekly working hours exceed 29 hours
    •         and those whose term of hire will be for more than a year
    •       2. Part-timer staff who work for 29 hours or less per week or whose term of hire will be less than a year,
    •         and who have completed the application procedures for health check-ups
    •         through the health check-up eligibility examination


■ Date/Instructions

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  • From this year, only urine samples (item required by law) will be accepted as specimens to be handed in at a later date.


■ Location

Health Check-up venue on each campus


■About reservation and questionnaire

         Although you will instructed to answer the questionnaires upon reservation, answer the questionnaires when your check-up date comes closer.

■ Using health check-up results from external medical institutions as a substitute

  • The regular health check-up for academic and administrative staff is a requirement by law (the School Health and Safety Law and the Occupational Safety and Health Law).
  • Any staff who did not attend the university’s regular health check-up should submit the following documents ① and ② promptly.
  • Once the documents have been submitted, they will be treated in the same manner as those who have received a regular health check-up conducted by the University of Tokyo.
  • ① Medical certificates that fulfill all legal requirements (copy of the results from the external medical examination will suffice).
  • * Concerning the legal requirements, only those for with specific numerical data, judgments, and findings described for each item will be accepted.
  • * All the information on every page should be copied and submitted without omissions.
  • ② Before making your submission, please complete and register the medical questionnaires . Click here



Questionnaire for Regular Health Check-up for staff and faculties / Newly hired
Questionnaire for Health Check-up for Those Engaged in Specified Work Content


  • If there are any abnormal values or findings in the check-up results, follow the instructions of the medical institution you consulted.
  • Also, if you receive any instructions about lifestyle (including smoking, drinking, etc.), please follow the instructions given by the medical institution you visited.
  • The health service center will take and deal with only items that are part of the check-up conducted at the university's health check-up.
  • The mutual aid association subsidizes the examination fees for health check-ups for any union members aged 35 and over and their dependent spouses as part of measures against adult diseases. As comprehensive medical examination carried out at external medical institutions can cover tests that are not included in the university's health check-up, please consider submitting the results from the comprehensive medical examination also.


  • ■ Report

  • Will be available in one to two months through the University web service.
  • Click here.
  • ■ Inquiry

  • To your local health service center
  • Hongo Health Service Center      ( Tel.: Ext. 22580    E-mail:hoken-kanri-hongo.adm〔at sign〕 )
  • Komaba Health Service Center   ( Tel.: Ext. 46166    E-mail:hoken-kanri-komaba.adm〔at sign〕 )
  • Kashiwa Health Service Center   ( Tel.: Ext. 63040    E-mail:hoken-kanri-kashiwa.adm〔at sign〕 )