Medical Examination for Those Engaged in Specified Work Content

Special Medical Check-up for Faculties and Staff, and Medical Check-up for those “Engaged in Specified Work”.

  •  ■ Target person
  • Medical Check-up for those “engaged in specified work”:Table 1
  • Special Medical Check-up:Table 2
  • Those whose work or the materials they handle requires special medical check-up or classed as being “engaged in specified word” by law. Persons in charge of managing staff health of each department are responsible for determining those applicable.
  • All those deemed applicable are to have the check-ups regardless of their status of full-time, part-time or number of hours they work in a week (excluding JSPS Research Fellows and visiting researchers).
  • Those down for the ‘medical check-up for those “engaged in specified work”’ must receive examinations specified in the relevant laws and regulations. Furthermore, as you will also be examined by the occupational health physician, even if you have had other medical check-ups you must take this specific medical check-up.
  • Those down for these special medical examinations must have the examinations twice a year, once in the Fall Semester(September to October)and again in the Spring Semester (February). 
  • Those working in the University Hospital or on Shirokanedai Campus are to have the medical examinations at their work locations which will take place separately.


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