Selected Q&A

What type of treatment do you offer?

Our clinics include: internal medicine, dentistry, otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat), gynecology, psychiatry, orthopedics, and dermatology. We refer patients to outside clinics / hospitals when necessary.

Are your services coverd by any health insurance?

Our clinic is not covered by Japanease national health insurance. For other health insurances, you need to apply for the reimbursement using our detailed statement and a reciept. We can offer a reciept only when you pay the fee by cash.

Can you issue medical certificates?

The Health Service Centers will issue medical certificates only for those who undergo regular on-campus medical check-ups. Even for those who are eligible, please note that there are periods when we are unable to issue such reports.

Can you issue referrals?

The Health Service Centers will issue referrals to other external medical facilities when patients require specialized medical care that cannot be offered onsite. The attending doctor will decide which facility to refer you to according to your medical condition. We may not be able to ensure your request is met. The University of Tokyo Hospital is designated as an Advanced Treatment Hospital to primarily provide advanced medical care.

Can I have my blood tested?

Yes, if it is necessary for medical treatment, a blood test can be conducted on the advice of attending doctors in the clinical service section. We cannot do a blood test if it is medically unnecessary, regardless of your request.

I prefer a woman doctor…

Only when available, she can see you. Ask at the counter.

Can a proxy come and collect a medical certificate, certificate, or referral letter to another medical institute?

It is possible for a proxy to come and collect the above documents if they bring a letter of proxy and other necessary documents.

(Click here for the letter of proxy and other necessary documents.)

However, the above documents must be issued based on past examination results or medical records.

Depending on the procedures, the proxy may not be able to collect the documents, so please be sure to inquire in advance.