Health Check-ups

Health Check-ups - Reservations and Questionnaires

・ Health check-ups are by appointment only. Please make the reservations on-line by yourselves. We do not accept appointments by phone, unless on-line reservation is not available due to some disabilities.
・ Please make sure to complete a web-based medical questionnaires before your health check-up. You cannot access the questionnaire site after the check-up.
・If you make an appointment without answering the Online Medical Questionnaires, the appointment may become invalid.
・ A web-based medical questionnaire is required even if you substitute a result of a health check-up at another medical institution for our health check-up.

* Click here for details on the reservation site
* Please note that access to the site may be concentrated and difficult around the day the reservation. In such cases, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in waiting a while before accessing the site.
* This website is not intended to be accessed from outside Japan. Please use it after you arrive in Japan.
* For faculty and stuff engaging in specified work and eligible for the special health examinations, please select either "Hongo 2", "Komaba 2" or "Kashiwa 2"  on the reservation application screen.

* Be sure to check the detailed web page of each health check-up before answering questionnaires and making a reservation.

* For faculty and staff, please make a reservation after receiving the documents and confirming the information.

●Health Check-up for Newly Admitted Students Click here for details

●Students’ Yearly Health Check-up forⅠ&Ⅱ  Click here for details

●Health Check-up for PEAK Students Click here for details

●Health Check-up for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers Click here for details

●Health Check-up for teaching practice/ care practice Click here for details

●Regular Health Check-up for staff and faculties Click here for details

●Health Check-up for those Engaged in Specified Work Content   Click here for details

●Health Check-up for Newly Hired Employees Click here for details

●Health Check-up for Long term Travelers Click here for details

* Reservation for Radioisotope (RI) check-ups.

If you require information about health check-ups or need special considerations for reservations and examinations due to disabilities or other reasons, please contact us through the following form.

Those who wish to receive assistance when undergoing a health check-up can click here.

We implement infection control measures in the Health Center so that everyone can use it with peace of mind. Please wear a mask and check your physical condition before taking a health check-ups. If you have a fever or cough, you cannot enter the site of the health check-ups.

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