Health Check-ups

Health Check-ups - Reservations and Questionnaires

・ You will only be able to receive your health check-up if you have made a reservation in advance. Please also note that we do not accept telephone reservations, so please make the reservations online by yourselves.
・ Please make sure to complete the web questionnaires before your health check-up (you will not be able to access this site after the check-up).
・ A web questionnaire is required even if you submit the results of a health check-up that you received at another medical institution.

* Click here for details on the reservation site
* Access to the site may be concentrated around the reservation start date, making it difficult to connect. In such a case, we ask for your understanding and cooperation, such as trying to access it later.
* This website is not intended to be accessed from outside Japan. Please use it after you arrive in Japan.
* For those who are eligible for the special health examinations for faculty and staff, please select one of the "Hongo 2", "Komaba 2" or "Kashiwa 2" districts on the reservation application screen.

 * Be sure to check the web page of each health check-up before answering questionnaires / making a reservation.

* For faculty and staff, please make a reservation after receiving the documents and checking the guidance.


●Health Check-up for Newly Admitted Students Click here for details

●Students’ Yearly Health Check-up forⅠ&Ⅱ  Click here for details

●Health Check-ups for PEAK Students Click here for details

●Health Check-ups for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers Click here for details

●Health Check-ups for teaching practice/ care practice Click here for details

●Regular Health Check-up for staff and faculties Click here for details

●Health Check-up for those Engaged in Specified Work Content   Click here for details

●Health Check-up for Newly Hired Employees Click here for details

●Health Check-up for Long term Travelers Click here for details



* Reservation for Radioisotope (RI) Users


Please contact the following phone number if you need to obtain information about the health check-ups, making reservations, or special considerations when you receive a medical examination due to a disability.

  • Hongo Health Service Center : 03-5841-2579 or 2580 (ext.22579, 22580)
  • Komaba Health Service Center : 03-5454-6180 or 6166 (ext. 46180, 46166)
  • Kashiwa Health Service Center : 04-7136-3040 (ext. 63040)


We implement infection control measures within the Health Center so that everyone can use it with peace of mind. Please wear a mask and check your physical condition before taking a medical examination. If you have a fever or cough, you cannot enter the medical examination site.