Internal Medicine


The Internal Medicine Clinic conducts regular healthcare consultations and also offers healthcare advice to patients who are not sure of their illnesses or which department to go to for examinations. On the advice of the attending physicians the centers are also equipped to treat a range of non-internal illnesses and other injuries.

Call us in advance. When you have any of the following symptoms : Body temperature over 37.5℃, chills, cough, sputum/phlegm, shortness of breath, sore throat, usage of NSAIDs(fever reducer/painkiller) within 12 hours, change of smell, change of taste. 

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Campus Hongo / Komaba / Kashiwa
Contact Internal Medicine, Hongo Health Service Center: ext 22583 or public line 03-5841-2583
Internal Medicine, Komaba Health Service Center: ext. 46168 or public line 03-5454-6168
Internal Medicine, Kashiwa Health Service Center: ext. 63040 or public line 04-7136-3040

No appointment necessary.

Mon - Fri AM: 10:00 - 12:20
       PM: 14:00 - 15:45

【Non-consultation days】
Sundays and Saturdays
Holidays prescribed in the Act on National Holidays (Act No. 178 of 1948)
The University of Tokyo Foundation Day: April 12 (Internal medicine, otolaryngology, and dentistry will be open in 2022.)

Cancellation and changes will be posted on our local campus pages.

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