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The Health Service Center mainly consists of two sections: the Healthcare Section and the Medical Care Section.

●Healthcare Section

  • This section provides services such as medical checkups as well as referral to specialist practitioners for thorough examinations, health guidance, health and nutrition counseling based on the results of medical checkups in order to assist UT people in building up their health and avoiding illness. The students, faculty and staff of UT are required to get an annual checkup. The UT administers an annual checkup to students between April and June, and to faculty and staff members between September and November. In addition, people engaged in special services, such as dealing with X-rays, organic solvents, etc., are required to undergo a medical examination, as determined by law. Everyone is encouraged to pay adequate attention to the medical checkup schedule on our website, bulletin board (message board), and notifications sent out in document or email form, and not to forget to undergo the checkup. Students who intend to apply for a scholarship, admission to graduate school or employment require a medical examination report. However, the Health Service Center issues a medical examination report only to those who undergo the medical checkup in that particular academic year. As obtaining a medical examination report at other medical facilities is time-consuming and costly, we recommend that students undergo their checkup at the university's Health Service Center without fail. Also, the Healthcare Section contacts those who, based on the results of the checkup, appear to need health guidance/medical consultation.We hope students will follow the advice given and also feel free to consult us about any health concerns they may have.

●Clinical Service Section

Komaba Branch consists of clinics for internal medicine, neuropsychiatry, orthopedics, dentistry and dermatology. The Medical Care Section of the Hongo Branch consists of internal medicine, neuropsychiatry,gynecology, otology and dentistry. The Medical Care Section of the Kashiwa Branch consists of internal medicine and neuropsychiatry. Consultation days and times vary a bit according to the clinic. Some clinics require an appointment. Therefore, we suggest you check the information/messages from clinics on our website in advance.


・Seasonal influenza (flu) vaccination program



"Kenko kanri gaiyo 2019" (Outline of Health Service Center 2019) (PDF) (UTnet access required. Japanese text.)

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