Schedule / Notes (Group-II Students Medical Check-ups)

≪Group-II Students Medical Check-ups≫ Updated on 08/29/2022

Details of the October schedule for the Hongo Campus have been posted (reservations available).
* All check-ups schedules at Komaba and Kashiwa campuses have been ended.

Medical check-ups are required by law. Please make sure you attend the check-ups during the specified period.

Answering of the Online Medical Questionnaires and reservations are required
From 2022, the method of online medical Questionnaire and reservation will be changed. For details, please check the information below.

For Men/Women
Online Medical Questionnaires/Reservations Guide →click here.

If you do not have access to the system, the system may be undergoing maintenance. Please refer to here.

* Please select "Hongo 1" when booking the Hongo Campus schedule.Details of the July schedule for the Hongo Campus have been posted (reservations available).
* Komaba Campus schedules have been ended.
* Kashiwa Campus schedules have been ended.
➡You can make a reservation for schedules on campuses that you do not belong to.

* If you see "proxy error" or "502", please wait a while before trying.

* After answering Question 1 (about COVID-19), the login URL to the "Medical Checkup Reservation System" is sent to the email address entered in Question 1.

1. The following students and research students required to take the Group-II Medical Check-up:

  • (Excluding new students enrolled from November 2021 to April 2022)
  • ・Undergraduate Students
  • ・Postgraduate Students
  • ・Research Students
  • ・Visiting researchers (Pre-registration required each year. Please ask a staff in your faculty. )

2. Venue and Date:  (Updated on 08/29/2022)

  • * Please refer to the information provided here if you would like to use the results of a medical check-up results from an external medical institution as a substitute.


 <Hongo Campus>Select "Hongo 1")
On  14th-16th  April, visiting researchers are not eligible for the check-ups.

"Hongo 1"




Apr 14 (Thu)* Men Men Icho-Metro cafeteria
(Faculty of Law & Letters Bldg.2  B1)
Apr 15 (Fri)* Women Men
Apr 16 (Sat)* Women Men
Apr 18 (Mon) Men Men
Apr 19 (Tue) Men Women
Apr 25 (Mon) Women Men
Apr 26 (Tue) Men Women
Apr 27 (Wed) Women Men
May 9 (Mon) Men Men
May 10 (Tue) Women Women
May 11 (Wed) Men Women
May 12 (Thu) Women Men
Jun 28 (Tue) Women Men
July 14 (Thu) 9:00~10:15
Hongo Health Service Center B1
Medical check-up venue



July 15 (Fri)
July 19(Tue) 9:00~10:15
August 23(Tue) 14:00~15:00















<Kashiwa Campus> (All schedules have been ended.
1st floor of Kashiwa Library

"Kashiwa 1"



Jun 16 (Thu) Men


Jun 17 (Fri) Women Men


<Komaba Campus> All schedules have been ended.
21 Komaba Center for Educational Excellence(21KOMCEE)

"Komaba 1"



May 25 (Wed) Women Men
May 26 (Thu) Men Men
May 27 (Fri) Men Women
May 30 (Mon) Men Women
May 31 (Tue) Women Men
Jun 1 (Wed)  Men Men
Jun 2 (Thu) Men Women

3. Please bring following to the Medical Check-up:

  1. Student ID Card / For visiting researchers: Identifications issued by your department
    (If you do not have a Student ID card yet, please bring your Certificate of Enrollment.)
  2. Reservation information (Email notifications or website screens, etc.)

 4. Checks done during Group-II Medical Check-up:

  1. History taking and medical questionnaires, blood pressure evaluation
  2. Height and body weight measurement
  3. Chest X- ray examination

 5. Please note the following points on the Medical Checkup:

  • 1). Please wear a mask when you come to the medical checkup venue. If you have respiratory symptoms such as cough or sputum and fever, please do not enter the venue.
  • 2). Please make a reservation and answer the Online Medical Questionnaires through the website.
  • * Online Medical Questionnaires and reservations are required. Please note that you may not be able to take the medical check-up at that time if you have not completed even one.
  • 3). Medical check-ups can be taken on any campus.
  • 4). Schedule of the medical check-up may change without notice. Please check the website before turning up for your medical check-up.
  • 5). Please wear clothing that you can remove from your upper body.
  • 6). Health certificate can be issued from three weeks from the date of examination. If you urgently need a certificate, please make sure to take the medical check-up on the earlier dates.
  • 7). If you do not take a medical check-up at the university during the specified period, you cannot be issued with a health certificate until the medical check-up next year. Costs for medical check-up at other medical institutions and for preparing medical check-up documents will be your responsibility.
  • 8). If you wish use the result of a check-up at another clinic, please call the relevant Health Service Center beforehand. Click here for details.
  • 9). Please call the relevant Health Service Center if you are unable to attend the check-up during the dates because of justifiable reasons, such as hospitalization, studying abroad, taking leave of absence or working at one of the distant research facilities, etc. Click here for details.
  • 10). Those who need special assistance should contact us in advance, as we expect the period to be very crowded.
  • 11). Valuable should be looked after individually during the medical check-up. Please make sure that you do not lose or leave anything behind.

  Contact: *Replace with @

  • ●Hongo Health Service Center       Phone: 03-5841-2579   (ext. 22579)
    • E-mail: 
  • ●Kashiwa Health Service Center   Phone: 04-7136-3040 (ext. 63040)
    • E-mail:
  • ●Komaba Health Service Center   Phone: 03-5454-6180   (ext. 46180)    
    • E-mail: