Faculty and Staff

Notice of Medical Check-up Results (for faculty and staff)

■When the results will be available

  • Your results will become available online one to two month after the date of check-up.
  • *The timing will depend on the content of the examination.
  • The results of medical check-up done by May 23 2022 are ready on the net. (See below.)


■How to access the results

  • The results will be available through the “人事情報MyWeb”.
  • The latest and past results can be accessed and printed (PDF format) from the website, and may be downloaded for storage or submission.
  • *Results from past medical checkups are not available as a PDF and can only be printed directly from the web page.
  • Medical Check-up for Radioisotope (RI) Users are not available here. Please access from "Medical Check-up For Radioisotope(RI) Users" page.
  • Medical Check-up result for faculty(人事情報MyWeb)
  • *The results are available on the "人事情報MyWeb" which is only accessible through the university network (UTNET).Please contact the relevant person of you department for your ID and password.
  • *Those who received a health examination but are not directly employed by the University of Tokyo and cannot access the 人事情報MyWeb, please come to the health center for your results.
  • Results of SARS-CoV-2 antibody titer measurement

■How to interpret the results

  • Please refer to the “Relevant resources related to medical check-ups” if there are any part which you are unsure of, or your results report a problem.
  • Improve your health by using the above information along with your results.
  • For a list of standard values of different points of the health check, click here.

■Important notice from occupational physicians


■After checking your results

  • If an abnormal value was reported in your result, please seek consultation with a doctor.
  • If you are reported to have high blood pressure, please measure your blood pressure and record them on the sheet provided in the link. ⇒ Record sheet

  • Please inform the health center the result of the consultation, using the below response form so that we may be aware of the state of your health.
  • Download the following to apply for health guidance, notice on medical consultation, and post-consultation response form.
  • *Different forms are used depending on where you work.
Where you work Response form
Hongo: Hongo Campus, Yayoi Campus, Asano Campus (see below for the University of Tokyo Hospital)


Komaba: Komaba campus I・II
Kashiwa: Kashiwa I・II・III
Institute of Medical Science


The University of Tokyo Hospital