Health Check-up for Visiting Researchers

■ Applicable Members (This check-up has ended.)

  • Visiting Researchers
  • Research Fellows


  • [Update on 04/11/2022]
  • Medical Questionnaire is required in advance.
    *No reservation required.

    ←Go to Questionnaire
    * As of 16:30 on April 15, maintenance has ended.

    * As of 11:30 on 4/11, you can answer "Questionnaire 2(About health condition)".
    * After answering Question 1 (about COVID-19), the login URL to the "Medical Checkup Reservation System" is sent to the email address entered in Question 1.

    * Online Medical Questionnaire is required in advance. You need a common ID to answer the Questionnaire.
       Online Medical Questionnaires Guide → click here.

    • Those who are eligible for this health check-up in 2022 will be able to take it without reservation.
    • *On 14th-16th April check-up schedule, visiting researchers are not eligible for the check-ups.
    • Click here for details of schedule & note.→ Students’ Yearly Health Check-up(Group II )
    • * It is not possible to take a health check-up before the start of enrollment.


    • *Visiting researchers and research fellows will be able to take the health check-ups once they have completed the required registration processes. Since AY2013, it is necessary to have the Common ID to be able to take the health check-ups. Please ask the staff in your affiliation for more details.
    • You can obtain the results of your check-up from any of the Health Service Centers regardless of the site where you had your check-up.
    • *Please make sure to bring your ID card with you (if you do not have an ID card, please bring some proof of identification with you).
    • Please check the website of each area’s health center for their opening times.