Health Check-up for Visiting Researchers

Applicable Members

・Visiting Researchers
・Research Fellows

Visiting researchers and research fellows will be able to take the health check-ups once they have completed the required registration processes.
It is necessary to have the Common ID to be able to take the health check-ups.
Please ask the staff in your affiliation for more details.

Questionnaires and reservations

Reservation start date: 04/16/2024

Questionnaire / Reservation

Answering of the Online Medical Questionnaires and reservations are required in advance.

*If you do not have access to the system, the system may be undergoing maintenance. →  Please refer to here.

・Please select "Hongo 1" when booking the Hongo Campus schedule.
・Please select "Komaba 1" when booking the Komaba Campus schedule.
・ Please select "Kashiwa 1" when booking the Kashiwa Campus schedule.

*Online Medical Questionnaires & Reservations Guide → click here.
*Click here for details of schedule & note. → Click here.
*It is not possible to take a health check-up before the start of enrollment.

Check-up results

You can check it on the website. Click here.