Health Check-up for Visiting Researchers

[Update on 08/22/2023]

Health Check-up for Visiting Researchers has ended for AY2023.

■ Applicable Members

  • Visiting Researchers
  • Research Fellows
  • Answering of the Online Medical Questionnaires and reservations are required in advance.

    *Questionnaires and reservations made before the above date and time will be invalid.

    *If you do not have access to the system, the system may be undergoing maintenance. ➡ Please refer to here.

    * Please select "Hongo 1" when booking the Hongo Campus schedule.
    * Please select "Komaba 1" when booking the Komaba Campus schedule.
    * Please select "Kashiwa 1" when booking the Kashiwa Campus schedule.

    *A UTokyo account is required for the Medical Questionnaires and reservations.
    *Online Medical Questionnaires & Reservations Guide → click here.
    *On 11th-16th April check-up schedule, visiting researchers are not eligible for the check-ups.
    *Click here for details of schedule & note.→ Students’ Yearly Health Check-up(Group II )
    *It is not possible to take a health check-up before the start of enrollment.

  • *Visiting researchers and research fellows will be able to take the health check-ups once they have completed the required registration processes. Since AY2013, it is necessary to have the Common ID to be able to take the health check-ups. Please ask the staff in your affiliation for more details.

■ Check-up results

  • You can check it on the website. Click here. (UTokyo account verification required)

  • Please refer to the “Relevant resources related to medical check-ups” if there are any part which you are unsure of, or your results report a problem.

  • If you cannot confirm on the website, you can obtain the results of your check-up from any of the Health Service Centers regardless of the site where you had your check-up. Please make sure to bring your ID card with you (if you do not have an ID card, please bring some proof of identification with you). Please check the website of each area’s health center for their opening times.

  • If an abnormal value was reported in your result, please seek a consultation with a doctor.

  • Please inform the result of the consultation to the health center, using the response form so that we may be aware of the state of your health.

  • If you have high blood pressure, please measure your blood pressure and record them on the sheet provided in the link. ⇒ Record sheet