<Frequently Asked Questions> “Study on SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Titer Measurement in Human Serum and Utilization of the Results”

<This project was closed.>

About the research in general

Will information concerning research participants (whether or not they participated in the research, the results of the measurement, and answers to the questionnaire) be known by the departments (such as the University Hospital) that the participants belong?

No. However, information after anonymization will be handled by co-researchers belonging to the University Hospital. (The co-researchers will not know whose information it is.)

When and how can I get to know the measurement results?

It is expected that the results will become available in about a month after the date your blood sample was taken. All participants, including staff, will be able to view their results on the "Health Checkup results" page for students on the Health Service Center website.

Does participating in this study (taking the SARS-CoV-2 antibody test) restrict my daily life in any way?

Participation in the research itself will not result in any restrictions to daily life as it is a test for epidemiological research and not a test on participants based on the suspicion of the participants being currently infected.

Will there be any restrictions to daily life or work depending on the measurement results?

If you do not get sick between the time you have your blood sample taken and you receive your results you may continue as usual. Similarly, family members living together or members of the same laboratory do not need any special restrictions or additional tests unless they themselves are in poor physical condition.
However, please continue to protect yourself from infection regardless of the result.

About application

I can't access the “Microsoft form”.

After preparing your “UTokyo Account”, please click on "this page" in the first line of "STEP 2 Application".

What is the date of the blood sampling of the research?

After you finish application, you will receive an email with information on making a reservation to have your blood sample taken. Please check the date and time that can be booked in the calendar of the reservation site of each venue and make a reservation.
In addition, at some of the medical examination venues, it will be possible to take part in this research of antibody titer measurements without reservation during the routine medical check-up examinations.

Even after a week I have not yet received the email with my reservation.

It is possible that there was an error typing in the e-mail address when applying, etc.
Please contact us at research[at]hc.u-tokyo.ac.jp with your UTokyo Account number (common ID number).

About the Web Questionnaire

I forgot whether or not I answered the web questionnaire.

An email will be sent from the Google form once you have completed the web questionnaire, therefore, please check to see if you have received it. If you cannot find the email, please complete it again. Even if you answer multiple times, only the last one will be used.

I would like to change my answers to the web questionnaire.

There is no need for you to contact us. If you answer the questionnaire once more, the newly answered details will be used for research. Alternatively, please contact us at research[a-t-]hc.u-tokyo.ac.jp with the details that you want to change.

I completed a web medical questionnaire for the medical check-up, is this different?

This is a frequently asked question from those who offered to participate in the research at the medical check-up venue. In addition to the web medical questionnaire for medical check-up, there is a separate web questionnaire for this research, therefore, please complete it.

About making reservations to collect blood samples

When I click on a date on the booking site, nothing happens.

When you click on the date schedule of the website, if there is an availability the screen will switch to where you can select a time.
If the application for that time has already closed (capacity being reached, etc.) you will not advance to the next screen and the following message will appear: "Reservation closed, please change the reservation date and time" at the top of your screen.

What should I enter for the reservation number/passcode on the booking site?

Reservation numbers and passcodes are not required when you make a reservation. If you have already made a reservation, you will need them to check or change your reservation.

I can't make a reservation on the day I want.

We apologize for not being able to meet your request. More reservation time slots will be introduced, so please check again after a while.
Additionally, at some of the medical examination venues, it will be possible to take part in this research of antibody titer measurements without reservation during the routine medical check-up examinations.

I forgot the date and time of my reservation.

You can check it on the reservation site. If you do not know the reservation date, your reservation number, and your passcode, please contact us at research[a-t-]hc.u-tokyo.ac.jp with your UTokyo Account number (common ID number).

About returning of the results

I answered the web questionnaire, but the results have not been made ready.

You will not be able to obtain your results if the University Health Center cannot confirm your web questionnaire. There may have been a possibility a problem during the sending, an error in typing in your e-mail address or UTokyo Account number (common ID) when answering the questionnaire. As matching the measurement results and the contents of the answers of the web questionnaire is very important for this study, we would like to ask for your cooperation and please answer the questionnaire once more. The reflection of the answer is about a week or so of time. If you have any question, please contact at research[-a-t]hc.u-tokyo.ac.jp with your UTokyo Account number (common ID).

Is it possible to receive my results on another campus?
I can't go to get results during the daytime.

Previously, we were only able to return the result at the campus where you took the blood test, but all members, including staff, can now view the results on the "Health Checkup result" page for students on the Health Service Center website.

By the time the results come out, I will be already retired and will not be accessible the university network.

Please contact us at research[-a-t]hc.u-tokyo.ac.jp with an email address that can be used even after retirement and your UTokyo Account (common ID) number.