Let's Book Yearly Check-ups for Students Campaign

2017-04-10 update

  • General
  • Medical Checkup

The students’ medical check-ups will commence from April.
Generally, the number of students having their check-up in April is relatively small each year, and most students rush to have the check-up towards the end.

We are implementing a campaign where students who book and undergo their regular Medical Check-up II in April, they will receive a voucher worth 70 JPY which can be exchanged for a side dish in one of the Co-op cafeterias/refectories on Hongo Campus.
So book early and come in April, and get a voucher for a side dish.
Please click here to go to the schedule for the health examinations.
* Vouchers are issued only at the Student Medical Check-up II during April which will be held in Hongo area
* The vouchers can be used in the three Co-op refectories, "Chuo Shokudo", "Icho Metro Shokudo" and "Daini Shokudo".
* The vouchers are valid until May 15, 2017

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