Influenza Vaccination

2018-10-26 update

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< Eligibility >

Students, faculty and administrative staff of the University (those who possess Student or Staff ID cards issued by the University of Tokyo).


< Location /Dates >

Location Date Time Eligibility


Health Center

November 12 (Mon)


Reservation required

12:00~13:30 Students only
14:30~16:00 Faculty and Staff only

November 13 (Tue)


Reservation required

12:00~13:00 Faculty and Staff only
14:00~16:00 Students only

November 14 (Wed)


Reservation required

10:00~13:00 Students only

November 15 (Thu)


Reservation required

10:00~11:30 Students only
12:30~14:00 Faculty and Staff only
  • November 16 (Fri)
  • First come, first served.
12:00~13:30 Students only *1
  • *1 Only students who have undergone regular medical examination


Location Date Time Eligibility
Komaba Health Center

November 19 (Mon)~21 (Wed)

November 27(Tue), 29(Thu)

9:20~9:50 Faculty and Staff only
12:30~13:10 Students only
●Vaccination will also be carried out on November 30 (Friday) subject to the delivery situation. Please check the reservation site.


Location Date Time Eligibility
Kashiwa Health Center November 7 (Wed) 14:30~15:45 Students, faculty and staff
November 8 (Thu) 9:00~9:30 Students, faculty and staff
November 9 (Fri),13 (Tue) 9:30~10:00 Students, faculty and staff
November 14 (Wed),15 (Thu) 9:00~9:30 Students, faculty and staff
November 19 (Mon) 10:00~12:00 Students, faculty and staff


< Fee >

Students – JPY 2,500

Staff members – JPY 3,000

(Cash only)


The influenza vaccination is conducted by reservation.

The "Go to Reservations" button can be found at the bottom of this page.

< What to bring on the day of the vaccination >

  • 1)Completed influenza vaccination form 

  • ● Download the form and the example print it double-sided and ill in the necessary information and bring with you on the day of the vaccination.
  • ●Take your temperature and fill in the information on the form.
  • ●Signature of parents or guardians will be required for legal minors (anyone under the age of 20).
  • 2)Staff or Student ID card issued by the University of Tokyo.

  • 3)Vaccination fee

JPY 2,500 for students / JPY 3,000 for staff

  • ●Cash only. Please make sure to have the exact amount ready when paying.
  • 4)Printed reservation information from the website.

  • A print out of the screen, memo or photo image of the screen are acceptable.

*You need to bring 1) - 4) as noted above, otherwise you will not be able to receive the vaccination.


< Other important information >

  • ●Influenza vaccines may not be available as expected. In that case, we will inform you through the website, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience this may    cause you. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ●You will receive an interview from a physician on the day of the vaccination. Please note that depending on their diagnosis, you may not be given a vaccination.
  • ●Please carefully read the “Key Facts about Influenza (Flu) & Flu Vaccine” manual before your visit.
  • ●People who experience heavy secondary reactions after vaccinations cannot be inoculated at the health center.
  • ●Please make sure to come on time.


< Reservation>

  • ●The appropriate login information and your common ID are required to make a reservation.
  • ●Login information can be found on the “Influenza Vaccination” screen in UTAS or the UTokyo Portal.
  • ●Your Common ID is the 18-digit number printed on the bottom right hand corner of your ID Card.

→ Click here for information about the Common ID

  • ●Reservation period
  • Hongo Campus, Kashiwa Campus, Komaba Campus
  •  Students: From October, 29 (Mon) 5:00pm to 7 hours before the desired date and time.
  •  Staff: From October, 31 (Wed) 5:00pm to 7 hours before the desired date and time.
  •  Please be aware that reservations cannot be made by telephone.
  • ●Staff members will not be able to make reservations during the students’ reservation period.
  • Go to Reservations

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