Catch-up Vaccination for HPV Vaccine

2023-09-22 update

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Currently, the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine is administered as a routine vaccination to women in the sixth grade of elementary school through the equivalent of the first grade of high school. Those who are eligible for the vaccine will receive an invitation for vaccination from the local government where they have their certificate of residence. However, among women born between between April 2, 1997 and April 1, 2007, there are believed to be a significant number who have not received the HPV vaccine because they were not informed of the vaccination. A system called "catch-up vaccination" is available for these women for three years from April 2022 to March 2025, which allows them to receive the HPV vaccine free of charge.

HPV is a common virus that more than 50% of women who have sexual contact will be infected at least once in their lifetime. It is believed to be involved in the development of many diseases such as cervical cancer, anal cancer, vaginal cancer, and condyloma acuminatum. It is believed that vaccines can prevent the infection of some types of HPV that are strongly related to the development of HPV. It is recommended that all persons over a certain age undergo uterine cancer screening regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.

It is possible that some of our university, students, faculty, and staff are eligible for catch-up vaccinations even if they are not of the age for the current routine vaccinations. Please consider receiving the vaccination by checking your own vaccination history in your Maternal and Child Health Handbook or other documents, or by checking the local government website.

*HPV can also infect males. In some countries, men are also recommended to be vaccinated in childhood. In addition to the diseases mentioned above, it has also been linked to cancers of the mid-pharynx and penis. In Japan, an HPV vaccine that can be administered to men has been approved, and some local governments subsidize the vaccination of men.

HPV vaccine Questionnaire for UTokyo members who may be eligible for the catch-up program.

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