Request to Reschedule Medical Check-up


  • Those who are not able to attend a check-up during the regular medical check-ups period at any of the sites (Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa) due to unavoidable circumstances such as study abroad, leave of absence or study / research at a distant research facility.

Application deadline

  • ・One month following the completion of the event.
  • *Application prior to the event is possible


  •  Example: Within a month after returning from study abroad
  •       Within a month after returning from school
  •       Within a month after the distance study and/or research period

Medical check-ups deadline

  • ・One month after the completion of the event



  • ・Hongo Health Service Center
  • ・Komaba Health Service Center

Application method

  • ・Reservation required. Please contact us by email or phone beforehand.
  • ・Fill in the required items on the specified form “Request to Reschedule Medical Check-up”, obtain a signature from your supervisor or staff responsible for academic affairs in your affiliated department who can confirm the reason, and submit it to the Health Service Center where you wish to take the medical check-up.
  • ・Please be aware that depending on the schedule, it may not be possible for you to have the check-up on the desired date or time.
  • This applies only if you are not able to attend the medical check-up conducted by the university during the normal period. Rescheduling will not be permitted if any of the scheduled dates can be attended. Please make sure to receive the medical check-up within the fixed schedule.
  • You may bring the “Request to Reschedule Medical Check-up” on the day you have your medical check-up. However, if there are any errors etc., you may be refused, therefore, please be careful.
  • Submission of applications medical check-up will not be accepted once the application deadline has passed.



  • Free

Things to bring on the day

  •  ・Student card (or certificate of enrollment)
  •  ・Form “Request to Reschedule Medical Check-up”
  •     ・Three printed 2d barcodes (which will be displayed after the online questionnaires have been completed)  →Click here.

Contact: Replace ♯ with @ in the address below.

  • Hongo Health Service Center (℡:03-5841-2579)E-mail:
  • Komaba Health Service Center(℡:03-5454-6180)E-mail:
  • Kashiwa Health Service Center(℡:04-7136-3040)E-mail: