Online Medical Questionnaires/Reservations Guide

From 2022, the medical checkups Questionnaire and Reservation system will be renewed.

Be sure to complete the Medical Questionnaires before attending the medical checkups.
The Medical Questionnaires are also part of the medical checkups.
If you have not completed the Medical Questionnaires, your medical checkups will not be completed.
Please note that you will not be able to answer the Medical Questionnaires on the WEB after receiving the medical checkups.

* Your UTokyo Account is required. For details on the UTokyo Account, please see the information the university website (here). The Health Service Center does not manage UTokyo Account.
* If you would like to change your answers to the questionnaire, please contact the Health Service Center of your campus.
* This website is not intended to be accessed from outside Japan. Please use it after you arrive in Japan.

‣ Medical Questionnaires/Reservations flow

Contact:*Replace ♯ in the email below with @ when sending

When making inquiries, please let us know your name and common ID (students can use your student ID number).

Hongo Health Service Center
  Phone: 03-5841-2579 (ext. 22579) 

Kashiwa Health Service Center
  Phone: 04-7136-3040 (ext. 63040) 

Komaba Health Service Center
  Phone: 03-5454-6180 (ext. 46180)