<How to participate in the research at Health Service Centers> “Study on SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Titer Measurement in Human Serum and Utilization of the Results”

This page is for those wishing to apply to participate in the Study on SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Titer Measurement in Human Serum and Utilization of the Results. Details are given below. We would like to request to have your consent to participate in the study in writing, after which your blood will be collected at the Health Service Center.

Professor, Division for Health Service Promotion (The Health Service Center)
E-mail address for inquiries concerning the research only: research[at]hc.u-tokyo.ac.jp
(Please do not send any inquiries concerning health check-up, medical treatments, and use of the Health Service Center to this address. They will not reach the relevant persons in charge.)

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STEP 1 Before taking part

1-1 Explanatory notes
The explanatory notes provide the outline of the research. If you wish to participate in the research having carefully read the notes, please apply in STEP 2.


1-2 Web Questionnaire (first time participants) (If you are participating in the research for the first time, please answer this questionnaire regardless of your affiliation or status.)
Please complete the online web questionnaire by noon on the day of your reservation. Also, please provide your body temperature at the time. The questionnaire can be answered after the consent form is submitted, but in principle, your blood will be collected after this questionnaire has been answered. The answers to the questionnaire are especially important for this research, and we kindly request that you complete the answers. For those who decided to not participate in the research having listened to the explanation, the contents of the questionnaire and information from the application for the research will be deleted without delay.

1-2b Web Questionnaire for medical professionals (second time onwards)
If you are a medical professional and this is your second time or more to have your blood taken, please answer this questionnaire.

1-2c General Web Questionnaire (second time onwards)
If you are not a medical professional and it has been a year since your first examine, please answer this questionnaire.


1-3 Consent form
Please complete this form in advance so that the examination process may go smoothly.

1-3b Consent withdrawal form
This is necessary should you wish to withdraw your consent to participate. This is not required at the time of participation.

STEP 2 Application and Blood collection

If you wish to apply, please come to the Health Service Center with your university ID. Please note that you may be required to wait a little as the collecting will be done in order. Please mention that sometimes we are not able to meet your application due to daily work. We recommend getting touch with Health Service Center beforehand.

2-1 The research doctor will verify your ID, confirm your consent and answer any questions you may have.

2-2 The research doctor will check your answers to the web questionnaire.

2-3 A sample of your blood will be collected, completing the process.

STEP 3 Returning of results

Currently, we are ready to return the results after about a month from when the blood was taken. We appreciate your understanding that there may be changes in the estimated return dates due to processing circumstances.

You can check the results by online reporting system. There is a description of antibody titer in the comment column of your checkup results. Please access the page from here.

We will check the information on your application, the answers to the questionnaire and health check-up information before returning your results, in order to make sure that you meet the requirements as a research participant. If you do not answer the questionnaire, the results will not be returned. As measurements are performed once a certain number of samples have been collected, the results are not returned to us on a daily basis.

Based on the current known and unknown information and the various guidelines on how to respond to the novel coronavirus, we do not think you need to see a medical professional or change your daily life according to this measurement results as long as you have good physical condition. Therefore, we will not be contacting you regarding the results if you do not wish to have the results returned or do not come to collect the results.

STEP 4 Your cooperation afterward.

Please consider rejoining the study in months. We expect this study to yield important insights, and so we greatly appreciate your cooperation. We would like to request those that are engaged in medical care work at the university, concurrent work or as part of your regular course, provide further blood samples and complete additional questionnaires (for medical professionals) when you start work or transfer to a different division. We also ask that you do the same should you come into contact with a patient infected with the novel coronavirus as part of your work. We would like to evaluate the changes in antibody titers of medical staff and the impact of work-related events (such as patient treatment) on antibody titers. Please be aware that you are not obligated to participate a second time, even if you had previously participated. If you wish to do so again, please participate in the research.

Should you wish to do so, please apply at health check venues or Health Service Center (No reservation required). Please note that the recruitment may be canceled due to changes in the research plan.