Wastewater monitoring

As part of measures against COVID-19, we are conducting sewage sampling in the B building of Toshima International Hall of Residence. In addition to our current sampling program, we will participate in the project of Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) “Demonstration project on the utilization of sewage surveillance - Business planning related to demonstration and introduction of major technologies for the realization of the with corona era.” We will continue to provide information on conventional sewage sampling and results. Sewage sampling will be done outside the building, so residents should spend their time as usual.

[When a new coronavirus is detected in sewage]

The results of the sewage sampling will announced to the residents regarding the presence or absence of detection of SARS-CoV-2 and the date of sample collection. Even if the virus is detected in the sewage, it may already be dead. Also, due to the nature of the analysis, it is not known "whether there is an actual infected person in the building" or "who is infected". Therefore, please be assured that the virus detected in the sewage will not restrict the use of the dormitory or the behavior of the residents.

By participating in this project, if a virus is detected in sewage, SARS-CoV-2 PCR test (saliva sample) will become available to all residents within the dormitory. Although MRI will bear the cost of the test, Division for Health Service Promotion (Health Service Center) will manage the test results. The test result will be available at:


Please log in with your UTokyo account and check individually. MRI will NOT know the individual test results, but we will share the aggregated results without any personal information.

If you agree with this content, please fill out this informed consent form (link). Decide freely your consent to take the inspection for this project. With or without consent, there will be no disadvantage in using the dormitory, university health service centers, or other activities within the University of Tokyo.
If the test result is positive, the health service center doctor will take measures such as notification to the health authorities based on the Infectious Diseases Control Law. Fulfillment of this statutory notification obligation will be carried out with or without consent to take the test and share the results.

We do not know who will be infected with the new coronavirus. Please be considerate of each other, do not discriminate against or blame the infected person, and respect your compassion and privacy.

Hongo Health Service Center
COVID19_wastewater[at mark]hc.u-tokyo.ac.jp