Medical Check-ups

  • Before you undergo your health check-ups, complete the online medical questionnaires and print out in black the QR code that will be displayed at the end of each questionnaire.


Request to Reschedule Medical Check-up

Due to the novel coronavirus infection, the medical checkup schedule may be changed. We will announce the details when decided. Check our website. You need to complete web medical questionnaires in either case, so please follow the instruction below which will be available soon.

[Notice] Health check-ups in spring 2020

Types of Medical Check-ups Reservations Questionnaires Remarks
Check-ups for Newly Admitted
Under construction
Yearly Check-ups for Students Ⅰ


*Click here for details
Yearly Check-ups for Students Ⅱ


*The online medical questionnaires is the only item for Students Health Check-up Ⅱ in FY2020.

*Click here for details

Medical check-ups for teaching practice / care practice   -
Check-ups for PEAK Students   -   - Under construction
Check-ups for GPEAK(GSP and GPES) Students   -   - Under construction
Medical Check-ups for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers   -   - Under construction



Types of Medical Check-ups Reservation & Questionnaire Remarks
Regular Medical Check-ups for staff and faculties

    • Medical Checkups in 2019 has ended.

    Medical Examination for Those Engaged in Specified Work Content
    • Medical Checkups in 2019 has ended.
    • table1 table2  (UTnet only.)
    Health Check-ups for Newly Hired Employees

    • ←Go to Medical Questionnaire
    Check-ups for Long term Travelers

    • ←Go to Medical Questionnaire


    Types of Medical Check-ups Reservation & Questionnaire Remarks
    Radio Isotope Use Medical Screening All RI users. Students, Staff, Faculties, and Visiting researchers.
    Visiting Researchers Check-ups
    • Reservations & Medical Questionnaires :
    • please refer to Yearly Check-ups for Students Ⅱ.

    Health Service Section

    • For students' medical results, click here.
    • For staff's medical results, click here.
    • ・Hours
    •  Mon-Fri    8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    •  (For Certificates, come Mon-Fri   9:00 AM-4:30 PM)
    •  *See local Health Service Center pages for changes of schedules.