Notes (Health Check-up for PEAK Students)

1.Checks done during the Health Check-up for PEAK Students:

① physical measurement:height and weight measurements, abdominal circumference, ② blood tests*1, ③ urine tests*2, ④ audiometry, ⑤Taking history and medical questionnaires, blood pressure measurement, ⑥ electrocardiography, ⑦ physical examination, ⑧ chest X-ray examination

*1  Information concerning the blood tests: Testing blood in the fasting state is ideal. Therefore, you should aim to have the check-up without having breakfast and refrain from having any drinks that contain calories. Please check with your doctor about fasting for blood tests if you are taking medications daily. (Please make sure to keep hydrated by taking drinks without calories, such as water or straight tea.)

*2 Urine tests: Sample of your first urine in the morning; a sample bottle will be provided during the Orientation Week. Students who do not receive a sample container from the administrative department should pick up a sample container from the Health Service Center.


2.Items Necessary to Be Brought for Health Check-up:

    • ・Official Notice of Your Student ID Number or Student ID Card (if you do not have a Student ID Card yet, please bring your Official Notice of Your Student ID Number.).
    • ・Urine sample
    • ・Reservation information (Email notifications or website screens, etc.)


3.Please note the following points on the Health Check-up:

    • ・Please cooperate in wearing a mask, preferably made of non-woven fabric, when coming to the health check-up venue.
    • ・If you have respiratory symptoms such as cough or sputum and fever, please do not enter the venue.
    • ・Please make a reservation and answer the Online Medical Questionnaires through the website.
    • ・Please wear clothing that is easy to put on and take off for ease at the examination, and do not wear stockings or tights.
    • ・If you are taking medication daily, please ask your doctor about the correct methods of when and how to take the medicines.
    • ・Those who need special assistance should contact us in advance.
    • ・Do not bring valuables to the Health Check-up venue. Please make sure that you do not lose or leave anything behind.
    • ・Those who have any medical history that may affect their on-campus activities such as disabilities or diseases that requires medical attention are required to bring a Medical Information Provision Form [Document 5-2] to the Komaba Health Servce Center by September 28.
      • ・Health certificate can be issued from three weeks from the date of examination.
      • ・The next Health check-up is not until the one in the next academic year, between April and June 2024. Please note that you will not be able to take one next autumn.
        • ・If you do not take a health check-up at the university during the specified period, you cannot be issued with a health certificate until the health check-up next year. Costs for health check-up at other medical institutions and for preparing health check-up documents will be your responsibility.
        • If you wish to use the result of a check-up from another clinic, please call the relevant Health Service Center beforehand. Click here for details.
        • If you are wearing an insulin pump or blood glucose sensor which cannot be remove at the health check-up venue, please consult with the Health Service Center in advance.


        Contact:*Replace with @
        Komaba Health Service Center Phone: 03-5454-6180 (ext. 46180)