Notification of COVID-19 Tests

Revised on 23 JAN, 2024


  •   The university’s health service centers offer COVID-19 tests for a fee to those who need the test for various reasons, such as being in contact with infected people, need for negative confirmation to participate in conferences or meeting or for personal reasons.
  •   Cases which do not have fever or show symptoms suggesting COVID-19 as well as those not applicable for the "new coronavirus test necessary for research and education conducted by the university" (UTnet only) are eligible for the tests.
  •   If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, please visit a medical institution for COVID-19 tests for treatment. If you wish to visit one of the university health service centers, please refer to the information for each branch (Hongo/Komaba/Kashiwa).
  •   If you wish to apply for the tests as a department due to contacts with infected persons, etc., and wish to pay by internal departmental transfer, please contact the health service center by phone or e-mail in advance. We will guide you through the inspection procedure separately. Payment by departmental transfer is only available with advanced notification.
  •    *If you would like to receive a negative certificate in English, please contact us separately. Please click here to apply.


  •  Current members of the university 
  • (This service is not available to the general public.)

■Type of test

  • ・PCR test
  • ・Qualitative antigen test


  • <Inspection schedule each branch’s>

Health Service Center

Qualitative antigen test

PCR test

Tests reception hours

Hongo Health Service Center

  • 10:0012:20 
  • 14:0015:30

Komaba Health Service Center

  • 10:0012:20 
  • 14:0015:30

Kashiwa Health Service Center

  • 10:0012:20 
  • 14:0015:30

Tests are not available on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or on separately designated days when the health service centers are closed, the department of internal medicine is closed or on days handling urgent cases.

  • <Test method and result notification>

Type of test

Inspection method

Method for specimen collection

Inspection results

When results are announced

Category on pricing list

Quanlitative antigen test

Detecting a protein specific to a new coronavirus

The  nasopharyngeal swab


40 min. or through web site on the inspection day

SARS-CoV-2 qualitative antigen test

PCR test

Detection by amplification of the gene sequence specific to the new coronavirus

The saliva test or nasopharyngeal swabs


Two days after inspection※


  • ※ Our health service center is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. If the date when your results are due to be announced falls on a Saturday, Sunday, national holiday or a separately designated day when the health service center is closed, the test results will be announced when health service center is open next.

■Inspection fees

■Application Process

  • Hongo/Komaba Health Service Center
  • Please come directly to the health service center during the reception hours for the tests on the designated days. No appointment is necessary.
  • However, if 10 or more patients are to be tested, please contact us in advance. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Kashiwa Health Service Center
  •  Please contact us before arranging your schedule. (Kashiwa Health Service Center04-7136-3040)

■Points to note

  • Please bring your staff ID, student ID or other IDs issued by the university.
  • Please make sure that bring any descriptive requirements for the tests when required to prove a negative result.
  • As saliva may need to be collection, please do not eat, drink, rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, smoke, or do any other oral activities at least 30 minutes before coming to the health service center.
  • The tests will be conducted during the internal medicine treatment at the health service center.
     In addition to the examination fee, there will be a consultation fee for faculty or staff members (there are no consultation fees for students).
  • Depend on the content of the medical form, it may be possible to omit the individual medical examination at the request of the patient.

■To contact us

  • Hongo Health Service Center - General Reception:
  • Komaba Health Service Center:
  • Kashiwa Health Service Center:
  • *Please replace the “#” with “@”.