Medical Checkups for Research / Graduate Students for Fall admission

※Reservations are open from 10am on October 10.

→Go to Reservation and Questionnaire page.

The health check-ups can be taken at any of the campuses.

However, if you wish to take your medical check-up at a campus other than your usual campus, students who choose Komaba or Kashiwa Campuses are required to go through pre-registration. Please ask the relevant staff in your faculty as soon as possible.

If you wish to take your medical check-up on Hongo Campus, please make a reservation through the usual website.

Medical Check-ups for Autumn 2017 Entry Students and Researchers

For the following students admitted to the University of Tokyo in Autumn 2017.                         

・1st year Master’s program students

・1st year doctorate program students

・1st year professional degree program students

・Undergraduate transfer students (3rd year)

・Auditing Students

・Special auditing students

・Specially registered students

・Specially registered graduate students

・Research Students

・Special research students

・Graduate research students

・Graduate foreign research Students

This Medical Check-up is only for Autumn 2017 entry students and researchers.

※As a sample for blood test will be taken, avoid eating before the check-up. You will still be able to take the check-up even if you have eaten, so please keep your designated appointment.

※Students who did not receive a sample container from their administrative department should pick up a sample container from the Health Service Center.

Log in to the reservation system using the ID and password which are written on the document that you received with the sample container.

※If you need special care to learn at the university due to your health, please complete and bring the “Special Care Required when Attending University” form. The form can be submitted at any of the Health Service Centers.

※For results, click here.