Yearly Checkup for Students I・II

Students' Regular Health Checkups

  • 2018 academic year's schedule. You can choose any campus for the checkup. Reservations are required and must be made through the website.
  • The Group I medical checkup will start from 25th April and the Group II medical checkup will start on 18th April.
  • Please make sure to take the medical checkup during this period.
Answering the medical questionnaire online from the website has been necessary since last year. The questionnaire can be accessed from the reservation system.
Three QR codes will be displayed once you have completed the online questionnaire. Please print and bring the QR codes with you to the medical checkup.
When printing the QR codes make sure that they are in a condition that can be read properly. QR codes may not be read correctly if they are disfigured, bent, or the printing is unclear.
If you need special care to learn at the university due to your health, please complete and bring the “Special Care Required when Attending University” form.
Group I medical checkup    Go to Reservation

Group I includes:

  • Students admitted to the University of Tokyo in April, 2018 such as
  • - 1st year Master’s program students
  • - Research Students
  • - 1st year doctorate program students
  • - 1st year professional degree program students
  • Students admitted to the University of Tokyo in Autumn after 1st November 2017.

Dates and Locations

※The blood test and the urine test are included in Group I medical checkup.

  • ●Avoid eating before the checkup. If you take some food, you can still get the checkup. Keep the designated date.
  • ●You will receive a urine sample container before the medical check-up. Students who do not receive a sample container from the administrative department should pick up a sample container from the Health Service Center.


■Group II medical checkup      Go to Reservation

Group II includes:

  • - Undergraduate Students (excluding new students enrolled in April, 2018)
  • - Postgraduate Students (excluding new students enrolled in April, 2018)
  • - Research Fellows (Pre-registration required. Please ask a staff in your faculty. )

Dates and Locations

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  • ※Please call the relevant Health Service Center if you are unable to attend the checkup during the dates because of justifiable reasons, such as hospitalization, studying abroad, taking leave of absence or working at one of the distant research facilities, etc.