Students’ Yearly Health Check-up for Ⅰ & Ⅱ

[Update on 06/21 /2022]

  • Reservations are required for all schedules.
  • From 2022, the method of online medical Questionnaire and reservation will be changed. For details, please check the guide for each health check-up.
  • If you need special care to learn at the university due to your health, please complete and bring the “Special Care Required when Attending University” form.
  • *Autumn enrolled students who took the "Health Check-up for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers"  from September 2021 to March 2022 are also eligible for the health check-up from April to June 2022.

Group-I health check-up : Reservation required

  • Group-I includes:
  • Students admitted to the University of Tokyo in April, 2022 for example
  • ・1st year Master’s program students, doctorate program students, and professional degree program students
  • ・Research students and undergraduate transfer students enrolling for the first time in April, 2022
  • ・Undergraduate students enrolling into the 3rd year (those who were not enrolled at UTokyo in AY2021)
  • ・Students admitted to the University of Tokyo in Autumn after 1st November 2021
  • ・Students designated by the faculty to which they belong(Students who could not take a health check-up due to immigration restrictions, etc.)



  • * Please refer to the information provided here if you would like to use the results of a health check-up results from an external medical institution as a substitute.

■Group-II health check-up : Reservation required

  • Group-II includes:
  • The following students and research students required to take the Group-II health Check-up:
  • (Excluding new students enrolled from November 2021 to April 2022)
  • ・Undergraduate Students
  • ・Postgraduate Students
  • ・Research Students
  • ・Visiting researchers (Pre-registration required each year. Please ask a staff in your faculty. )


For results, click here.

  • ※Please call the relevant Health Service Center if you are unable to attend the check-up during the dates because of justifiable reasons, such as hospitalization, studying abroad, taking leave of absence or working at one of the distant research facilities, etc.⇒Request to Reschedule Health Check-up